• Classic Flyscreen QUICK VIEW Classic Flyscreen from $39.95

    Classic Flyscreen

    The original and still the best! The Dart Classic flyscreen was born in 1995. Evoking the spirit of 1950s British road racers, its minimalist style and remarkable performance made it...
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  • Manta flyscreen QUICK VIEW Manta flyscreen from $79.95

    Manta flyscreen

    More comfort, more style with the Dart Manta! The Dart Manta is a sharp, sleek screen which complements the aggressive styling of modern naked bikes. Like the Classic flyscreen, it's...
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  • Marlin flyscreen QUICK VIEW Marlin flyscreen from $79.95

    Marlin flyscreen

    The Dart Marlin - more of a good thing! So you love the style and quality of the Dart Classic flyscreen, but need a bit more protection? The Marlin is...
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  • Piranha Flyscreen QUICK VIEW Piranha Flyscreen from $49.95

    Piranha Flyscreen

    Give your bike an instant update with the Dart Piranha! Distinctive styling and the quality you've come to expect from Dart, the Piranha perfectly blends function with a slice of...
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